This might work. We are all doing what we can. Working from home under normal circumstances is not the same kind of working from home in the current situation. We know that, and companies’ managers know that, too. They’ll probably have children at home as well. So, we’re all doing alright.

However, we can always do a little bit better. There are a few things that will make it easier for us to sync with our colleagues, to optimize time, and, in short, to get the job done.

Be realistic

First of all, creating a daily routine is basic, so it’s important to make things clear about how remote meeting and remote working is going to go. You really need to design a daily routine that works and that adapts to your family life. And I mean a REALISTIC daily routine. Do not pretend to do a hundred tasks a day when you know you will only be able to do five.

Set limits

It’s OK to hold online meetings. Maybe even necessary. But you need to set a limit. You cannot spend the day on online calls. One would be ok, or even more with the intention of making them useful. The limit might be on the effectiveness of these meetings. They should get to the point. Ten minutes is enough to talk about the things that need to be done urgently and to make decisions – if you set clear objectives. Additionally, more asynchronous work through shared documents, emails, and remote working tools means less need for online meetings. And, yes, Comeet can help you be effective for the meetings that need to happen.

Be effective

Every quiet hour at home is precious. Try to make it worth it. Try to focus and get things done. Don’t waste time on unnecessary things or vain talking during online meetings. Decide. Get things done. There are tools that will help you with this.

Be human

Just in case we are all starting to forget about this: we are still human beings, even if we can’t see each other in person or touch each other. Even if online is the new normal, remember what is important. Don’t be too demanding with yourself or others.

I’m pretty sure that when this situation is over, we will have learned many things that will provide us valuable expertise for remote (and not that remote) working. Take care, everyone!

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