You may have already noticed, but we have been confined for weeks now. This means we have had to adapt not to leave our homes like wild animals adapt not to leave a zoo when captured. But humans have their tricks to do so more bearable. Without going further, many have discovered the whole wide range of video call apps in a period of two days.

Luckily, there are many other tools that will make our life and (mainly) our remote working routine these days much easier. Here’s our selection:

Google Suite- Calendar / Email / Collaborative Docs (

G Suite is one of the best platforms for managing a remote team. It will let employees sync even if they are in different time zones. Combining the G Calendar, the email and the collaborative docs are very useful to improve communication, do brainstorming, develop projects, share information and documents and sync processes. It will increase your team’s productivity. – Meeting Agendas/Collaborative Next-Steps sharing-tracking (

Comeet is an extension integrated into your G Calendar. It’s perfect to optimize meetings’ time: Collaborative agendas to make the most of the meeting time, shared decisions and next steps so that everyone is always on the same page. Trackable next-steps to avoid unnecessary followups and meeting feedback to improve and grow each time you meet. Why comeet? Well, no answer is needed, right 🙂

Zoom Video Communications – Video Calls (

Zoom is the video call solution of the moment in these coronavirus days in which most businesses are working from home. There are other fantastic solutions (GMeet, Microsoft Teams, whereby, …). Why Zoom? Because we think it’s the first that…it just works! And today, you will need a platform like Zoom to meet! It is feature-rich and presents different plans based on business needs.

Loom / Drift video – for short video sharing ( (

These are very useful tools if you want to send short video messages. It’s like voice messages plus your image. Their mottos are “Say it with video” and “Stop sending faceless”. Why it is useful? Because it is asynchronous, and you can explain a lot of things in one short video! It will save you time, really, a lot!

Trello for Personal Tasks (

The tool to always know who’s working on what. It is a visual collaboration tool that gives teams a shared perspective on projects. Trello’s based on a system of cards, lists, and boards that helps teams get an entire picture of projects and get things done more quickly and coordinated. Why Trello? Well, it is easy and effective! Just like your digital, shared, blackboard to get things done!

Notion for company docs (

“All-in-one workspace”. It’s a tool for documentation, for projects, for collaborative documents, for product roadmaps, for wikis, well… for almost everything. And it’s beautiful and easy and we just LOVE it! Really, a must on your remote days… and for non-remote ones!

Slack: For synchronous communications (

“Brings the team together, wherever you are”. Slack will become your own virtual office. It can be set up by channels based on team functions or specific topics or projects, as well as a private chat with a lot of functions. There are more (Twist, Gchat, Teams) but well Slack is like the reference and the one we use.

So, this is our remote technologic stack, but we would love to know what is yours! Stay safe, stay home, and keep sharing tricks to optimize time and remote working!

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