We are all getting pretty used to online meetings these days. They have become the new normal, actually. And we are doing reasonably well, right?

However, we would do even better if we didn’t commit these 5 mistakes:

1.- Too many

In general, we hold too many meetings (and surely too long). We already did this in person, only now we do the same online. One or two meetings a day should be enough. Or at least the rule should be “as long as they are effective”. Be tight to the purpose and go to the point. It makes no sense at all to meet without making that time useful for everyone attending.

2.- No agenda

Again, what’s the point of holding a meeting with no agenda? Just why? You can’t hold a meeting and use people’s time if you don’t know what you are solving in the meeting. Prepare a clear agenda before you call any meetings.

3.- No decisions

Ideally, meetings are useful to make decisions that will lead to actions to be done by the team. If decisions are not made in a meeting, then how will anyone move forward with their work after?

4.- No follow-ups

A very important thing to do is ensure that the decisions taken during meetings are being executed. Comeet can help you with this: every task assigned during a meeting is never forgotten, and you can easily review the progress effortlessly. Note, that another meeting would even be unnecessary for the follow-up.

5.- No feedback

You’ve probably had the thought “what a waste of time” or something similar after a meeting. Well, that’s why it’s important to provide and receive feedback each time you meet ; so express whether a meeting was useful or not so that the person organizing them can adapt and improve them. Comeet can also help you with providing anonymous feedback in your meetings.

So, now that you know the 5 most common mistakes in online meetings, you can do your best to take advantage of our time in quarantine.

Take care and stay at home!

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